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Education is about exploring endless creativity in ourselves and in others. To bring joy into the lives of children and to awaken respect and concern for all living creatures are the ultimate goals of an enlightened society. Hence, the world that we build for our children should be full of innumerable possibilities. 

“EMPOWERING INDIVIDUALS” to ensure total personality development and academic excellence to stress upon interactive, participative and integrated learning to blend rich cultural heritage with use of technology to combine good citizenship with scholastic achievement to imbibe a concern for democratic rights and human values. 



Dhairya was a small caterpillar when he joined school, who was coming out of his cocoon. The school gave him wings to explore the world. He was shy, little introvert, fearful of heights.But you all like a team brought him out of these holding back traits. Today he leads the group, puts his thoughts, help others with problems, cares for his friends & didis

Nitin Gupta

Father of A K Gupta
class: 3

It gives us great pleasure to watch our child Saanvi to happily waiting and look forward to go to Prakriti every morning. There is nothing more satisfying for us than to know that she is exploring everything there is to explore at her age. She loves being there to play, explore and be with Didis

MR Raju Sir

Father of Prakriti
class: UKG

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