****Online admission open for classes Nursery to XI****    **** Happy Model School Affiliated To CBSE, Class Nursery To XII . ****   WEBINAR ON BASIC BANKING ' on 15th July 2021.for Classes XI & XII   ****   WEBINAR ON IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA' on 21st July 2021 for Classes IX & X.  ****    WEBINAR ON WHAT AFTER 12+' on 27th July 2021 for Classes XI & XII.


Sports Day (Nursery & KG)
Final-5th Ghai Memorial Cricket Tournament
National Rail Museum
Mathdonalds - Concept of Money
Sin Activity Workshop
Inter-Class Competition
Reading Pledge
Goonj NGO Visit
Workshop on Nutrition
Mega Fit School Campaign
Birth of Jesus
Winter Carnival
Fit India Week
Educational excursion to District Court , Dwarka - Class VIII
Rally -Say No to Crackers
Church Visiti - Class III
Health Checkup
4th Ghai Memorial Cricket Tournament 2019
Visit to Zoo
Grandparents Day