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Fee  Structure  Session  -2020- 2021 (with  bus facility )

Admission fee                          Rs.200/- at the time of admission   
Annual  Charges (Yearly)         Rs.8000/-  
Tuition fee (  Quarterly)            Rs.11040/-                       
Development fee ( Qtly)           Rs.1500/-  
Comp. Aided Learning (Qtly)   Rs.600/-                    
Transport  Charges                  Rs.2600/-p.m

Transport  Fee( April-May, July, Aug. Sept.2020)
                                    Grand total  Rs.34,340/-


                             Fee  Structure  Session  2020-2021 (Without  bus facility )

                           Admission fee                           Rs.200/- at the time of admission       
                           Annual  Charges (Yearly)         Rs.8000/-  
                          Tuition fee (  Quarterly)             Rs.11040/- 
                          Development fee ( Qtly)            Rs.1500/-
                          Comp. Aided Learning (Qtly)     Rs.600/- 
                                                            Grand total    Rs.21,340


Note: Fee structure for the  session 2020-21 is ‘ Subject to  Change with the  Approval of  Directorate of  Education’.   In the present scenario   the old fee structure is in operation.  In case,  the fee structure of  2020-21  is revised &  approved by the Directorate  of  Education, the difference of amount to be paid by the parents appropriately.

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