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Students have endless opportunities to fulfil their potential beyondacademics ------- creative , intellectual and athletic ------- through stimulating classes and comprehensive programmes.

We believe in learning beyond boundaries for which regular field trips, Excursions, Visits and Heritage walks are arranged. Sports training and physical education are integral part of school curriculum. Orientation programmes, workshops and interactive sessions hold an important place in imparting knowledge. Through all these children are prepared for the journey called life.


Workshops, Orientation Programmes, Counselling Sessions, Career Counselling Programmes, Interactive Sessions, and Alumni Talk form an integral part of the school curriculum at the senior level and are organised at various points in the semester for the students. Association with organisations of repute like Pratham, Centre for Career Development, Career Launcher, Edu- com, Scholastic India, Iskon, Rachna sagar, Bharti Bhawan, Macmillan, Orient Blackswan, Madhuban, Ratna Sagar  helps in providing guidance to the students and preparing for the future.


NIE, Newspaper –in- Education Programme, adopted by the school provides a platform  to the students to ‘stay ahead’ and the teachers to make ‘learning fun.’ The programme aims at shaping young minds by inculcating reading habits in them. It brings current affairs into the classrooms and help in developing the analytical and critical thinking of  young learners. ’Young World’ helps the beginners to develop the habit of reading beside having the pride to own their own newspaper and love reading.     


The school has adopted participation of the students in various Olympiads and various other competitions with the goal to identify the school students with outstanding skills and help them upgrade their performance.


The interactive and experiential workshops provide insights on nurturing in children a love of learning and enabling them to grow into responsible, independent adults willing to help society. They help in exploring and experiencing  the key concepts of  education,  including the three fold human being, seven year cycles of development, the twelve senses, the four temperaments and how these deeply impact our parenting and teaching. 


Each teacher in the school has the obligation to contribute to a perfect realization of the harmony among cognitive, affective, behaviourist, attitudinal and social sides of students. The school organises various kinds of orientations, seminars, workshops, in- service training programmes for the facilitators to stay at par with the modern technologies and teaching-learning pedagogy. The teachers are provided with opportunities to upgrade themselves in specific fields.


Public Speaking certified Course (Special Certified Programme to train on public speaking)

Computer Programming (Teaching Visual based Programming from Class 1)

Reading/Library Programme


The students at HMS are trained to shoulder their responsibility towards the society by reaching out to the society and serve the Community. It is an off-campus programme conducted for the students to help understand the local community and provide a learning experience. Programmes like Clean India Campaign, Anti-  Tobacco Drive, Prevention from Dengue, Chikungunia and Malaria, Run for Unity, Clean City campaign, Tree plantation Drive, Developing & Maintaining   Community Park, Visit to Old Age Homes and Orphanages are integrated to school curriculum.


Yoga, meditation, prayers and visits by spiritual gurus provide much more needed food for the soul. Human values, strength of character and virtuous conduct are assimilated by students.

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